A Place for Community, Connection, Contemplation, and Collaboration

in Partnership with the New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

Where to Find Us

Located at the former Pleasantville United Methodist Church

An Endeavor in Community Building and Conservation

Studies have shown that community gardens have a positive impact on the lives of the participants and on the neighborhoods where they are located.

Gardens transcend racial and socioeconomic divides, engage people across generations, and provide a sense of belonging to those who may otherwise feel disconnected.

We decided to bring a collaborative community garden to the grounds of the former Pleasantville United Methodist Church, transforming an unused lawn into an eco-friendly garden where we will grow organic produce and neighborliness.

Committed volunteers have already started cultivating the property, sharing responsibility for the entire garden. In the coming weeks we will be installing our fence and planting our summer crops. The harvest will be divided between the Interfaith Emergency Food Pantry in Thornwood and the volunteer gardeners.

We’re always looking for volunteers who are passionate about gardening (or who are eager to learn – no experience required!). Our Facebook group is the best place to look for upcoming volunteer work days.

Event/Workday Calendar

things we need to grow the garden

Small Items:

  • 5-Gallon Insulated Water Jugs (2)
  • 5-Gallon Buckets (5)
  • Trowels (5+)
  • Hand Forks (5+)
  • Pruning Shears (5+)
  • Loppers (1)
  • Garden Fork (2)
  • Magic Shrinking Garden Hoses 100 ft (3)
  • Wheelbarrow or Yard Cart (2)
  • Grabber/Reacher Tool for Waste Pickup (4)
  • 10×10 Tarp (2)
  • 20×20 Tarp (1)


  • Organic Compost: 15 Cubic Yards
  • Top Soil: 5 Cubic Yards
  • Straw/Hay
  • 4-foot Steel U fence Stakes (20)
  • 3 foot x 100 feet galvanized welded wire fencing with 1/2 inch mesh (3)

If you are interested in donating money to help support the Collaborative Community Garden, we’d be happy to put your donations to use in the planting, harvesting and building phases! 

Do you have any of the items on the Wish List, and would be willing to donate them? In-kind donations can be picked up by one of our volunteers or deliveries made to the garden site.

For all donations, please contact Susan Chupungco, Garden Coordinator at susan@villagecolab.org.

Are you excited about where things are growing at the Co-Lab? Do you want to connect and be a part of the collaborative projects happening at the Garden?